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Xhorse Multi Prog EDC16U34 IMMO Off Script Test OK

Xhorse Multi Prog would work with scripts written by users for KM repair, ECU tuning... Here is a review of Multi Prog with IMMO OFF Script: MULTI-PROG [...]

OBDSTAR DC706 Add DL382 SIMOS18.10 IAW 6R.20

OBDSTAR DC706 February updates are available! Check out the latest updates. TCM V30.20 1.Highlights Added Add Read ECU Information, Recalibrate [...]

Alientech KESS3 V1.88 Add MG1UA008 MEG17.9.77 MG1US008

Alitentech KESS3 V1.88 upgrade is now available! Bosch MG1UA008/ MD1CS018/ EDC17C69/ MEG17.9.77/ ME17.9.21.1/ MG1US008/ MED17.8.21/ ME17.9.56 are [...]

Solved! Aute IM608 II Set Password Network Error

Quick Question: Autel IM608 II Tablet, when setting a password for a device, it always prompts a network error, but other devices would be connected to [...]

Fixed! Launch X431 PRO5 BMW Headlamp Coding System Error

One customer gave feedback that his Launch X431 PRO5 Tablet showed this error. He replaced headlamp module in BMW f10 2016 STML& STMR but cannot find the [...]

How to Solve Autel Ultra Lite “ECU Drive Authorization Failed”?

One customer gave feedback about his Autel Ultra Lite: Mercedes C63 2008 (w204) I tried to program new ECU (MED9.7) and during the flash I got write [...]

Everything You Need to Know about Launch X431 ADAS License

One customer asked where is the ADAS menu in his Launch X431 VII Elite. Have activated ADAS software from backstage but the tablet still asks for [...]

Launch X431 PAD V Elite vs. X431 PAD VII Elite

One customers asked about the difference between Launch X431 PAD V Elite and Launch X431 PAD VII Elite. Generally, PAD VII Elite has better firmware than [...]

Alientech KESS3 V1.87 Add DCU15C167 SID605 MD1CC898

Alitentech KESS3 V1.87 upgrade is now available! DCU15C167 SID605 EDC16C8 MD1CC898 for Heavy-duty Vehicles are added. Check out update info, all KESS3 [...]

How to Install Alientech KESS3 Software?

In this article, we are going to show you how to install Alientech Kess3 software. How to Install KESS V3 Software? Go to Alientech official website: [...]

How to Solve Autel ADAS Calibration “Pre-scan Report status”?

Quick Question: I have an Autel MS909 Tablet with Autel ADAS License, and I keep getting vehicle's with pre-scan report. How do I get past this screen with [...]

Alientech Kess3 V1.86 Add Marelli MM10JA and IAW 11GF

Alitentech KESS3 V1.86 upgrade is now available! Reprogram on bench the Magneti Marelli MM10JA and IAW 11GF are added. Check out update info, all KESS3 [...]

Launch X431 PAD Series Online Programming Vehicle List

Quick Question: Does X431 PAD VII Elite supports online programming? What vehicles it supports, and if there is IP restriction on online programming [...]

Launch X431 X-prog3 Programmer Clone Simo8.51 Tips

Question: Has anyone cloned a Simos 8.51 module ( 2013 Audi A8 ctub) with the Launch X431 Xprog3? Successfully backed up the eeprom and flash from the [...]

Alitentech Kess3, FLEX, Autotuner: Which is Better?

In this article, we are going to compare 3 main ECU programming tools: Alitentech Kess3, FLEX, and Autotuner. Check out their pros and [...]

OBDSTAR MP001 Programmer vs. P003/ P003+ Adapter

One customer wonders if he needs the P003+ Adapter and the MP001 Adapter or will the MP001 do the same things as the P003+. Here we will explain the [...]

Alientech KESS3 V1.85 Add Magneti Marelli CFC333R CFC308

Alitentech KESS3 V1.85 upgrade is now available! Reprogram on bench the Magneti Marelli CFC333R and Marelli CFC308 are added. Check out update info, all [...]

ECU Tuning Tool Comparison: KESS3, Flex, FoxFlash, CGDI…

In this article, we are introducing different ECU tuning tools for you. Check out their difference. 1.Alitentech Kess V3 Kess3 is from Alientech, it's [...]

Lonsdor K518 PRO BMW BDC Programming via OBD Instructions

Lonsdor K518 PRO/ K518 Series BMW BDC Programming via OBD is released on January 30, 2024. It supports Add Key and All Key [...]

Alitentech KESS V3 Protocol Activation New Year Sale

Alitentech KESS V3 is a great affordable tuning tool for beginners. It allows users to activate various protocols by their needs for their KESS3. Now it's [...]
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