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Scania Multi (10.2018) Spare Parts Catalog Download Free

Free download Scania Multi (10.2018) - Spare parts catalog: (unknown [...]

How to solve Renault CLIP V184 V185 RLT2002 connection problem (ori or clone)

renault can clip1
Hello everyone For those who have a connection problem with interface RLT2002 (ori or clone Renault CANCLIP interface) You must modify 2 files in version [...]

How to get Launch X431 HD work in an Android device without X431pad?

The original Launch X431 Pad use Android OS. I think the app for X431 adapter can be use with the Android device without X431 Pad original!   I'm [...]

Lonsdor K518ISE Software Optimization Review

Lonsdor K518ISE Software Optimization: 1. VW IMMO2 &IMMO3【 Read PIN】 2. VW IMMO4: Enable more dashboards to auto-identify immo type 3. Skoda IMMO2 [...]

How to read/write BMW 35160WT using ACDP Mini!

Tested successfully! Yanhua ACDP mini is confirm to work perfectly with BMW 35160WT - able to read and write odometer. you should have an 35160WT [...]

ACDP Mini Indicators and Beeps – What’s the meaning?

Look here: Learn Yanhua ACDP Mini from the light status and beeps What does the light status mean? And what do beeps mean? What's the meaning of the [...]

How to configure eCOM to work with Xentry for DOIP

I want help to configure eCOM to work with Xentry 7/18 enabling DOIP Code: C:\Program Files [...]

(Solved) John deere license is invalid or has expired

i followed this steps for licence: 1. Run c:\Program Files\ECULP\ECULPINIConfig.exe 2. Get HostID from Security tab 3. Copy jdlm.lic to c:\jdlm\jdlm.lic [...]

Xhorse Universal Keys FULL Kit, Where to?

Look here: Xhorse universal keys FULL kit for sale (best price and good quality) Source: [...]

Obdstar Tool Latest Update in February 2019

Obdstar Tool Latest Update in February 2019: IMMO Zotye Optimized Damy X5 remote control system Great Wall 1. Increased Great Wall Kulla smart [...]

Autel MS906 review

This review is for the Autel MS906: I wanted to write this review to hopefully help some others out there. One thing that I really wanted the ability to do [...]

CGDI Programmer Software Latest Update

CGDI Programmer Latest Update including CGDI BMW,CG-Pro,CG-100.  Detail Update information as the following:  CG-DI BMW Update to V2.6.0  [...]