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Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro Function and Comparison

New Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro is released! As the updated version of VVDI Key Tool Max, it is newly added immo function of Mini OBD plus Read Voltage & [...]

V2022.6 BMW ICOM Software ISTA-D 4.35.20 Switch Language Instruction

V2022.6 BMW ICOM Software is compatible with VXDIAG BMW, GODIAG V600, BMW ICOM NEXT etc. This article is an instruction on Language Switch of ISTA-D [...]

PCMtuner Promotion! Free Chip-tuning VZ-performance Token for Users

PCMtuner Promotion! Users who already have or now buy PCMtuner, will get Green Chip-tuning Tokens from "VZ-Performance Center". Details: [...]

PCMtuner V1.26 Software Driver Patch Free Download and Using Tips

In this article, we are going to share with you all download links about PCMtuner V1.26, which includes software, driver, and patch. Users do not have to [...]

Solved! OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Reset 2017 Nissan X-trail Airbag Fail

One customer gave feedback that his OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus failed to reset airbag for Nissan X-trail 2017. The prompt is "Execute Failed" (7E - During activation [...]

Launch X431 PAD7 + X-PROG3 BMW DME MSV90 Clone Guide

This article is going to show you how to clone BMW DME MSV90 using Launch X431 PAD7 and X-PROG3.   All tools and cables we will [...]

VXDIAG Mercedes BENZ V2022.6 Software Update and Using Tips

VXDIAG customers: VXDIAG Benz Software is updated to V2022.6!   Here are some Using Tips: 1.Compatible with Benz C6 Wifi, VXDIAG VCX SE [...]

Autel IM608 Reset BMW E82 FRM Counter and Vin for Lights Not Working

Purpose: To Reset BMW E82 FRM counter and Vin because lights don't work.   Tool: Autel MaxiIM IM608   Procedures: Step 1. [...]

How to Solve VXDIAG Benz Xentry “No access authorization code” Error?

Software Error: No access authorization code! Please contact the User Help Desk.   Software: Xentry V2022.6   Device: VXDIAG [...]

NEXZSCAN NL300 DIY Scanner Review: Registration and Comparison

Humzor NEXZSCAN NL300, equipped with its own application - "NexzDAS", is an innovative Bluetooth car fault code diagnostic instrument for home [...]

DIY Scanner Comparison: NEXZSCAN NL30 vs Autel AP200

In this article, we are going to show you two portable scanners for DIYers - NEXZSCAN NL300 and Autel AP200.   Here is the comparison [...]

PCMtuner Mazda RF7N Bench Reading Tips (Pinout Attached)

This article is going to show you pinout and tips on Reading Mazda RF7N on bench by PCMtuner ECU Programmer.   Mazda RF7N [...]

How to Manually Turn Off PCMtuner PCMflash Update Notification?

For PCMtuner Tool update, PCMtuner program update is allowed; PCMflash program update is Not allowed.   Since it’s easy to click the PCMflash [...]

PSA EDC17C60 TPROT OFF Manual Edit for PCMtuner Read Write

Before, we’ve shown you a case about PCMtuner writing PSA EDC17C60 successfully. Today we will show you a quick manual Tprot off on PSA EDC17C60 [...]

MB SD C4 Software Update to V2022.6 Special Function Version

MB SD C4 Software is updated to V2022.6 Special Function Version. This version is compatible with MB SD C4/C5/Super M6. V2022.6 MB SD C4 [...]

Geniune PCMflash Not Work/Problematic ECU List in Bench Mode

In this article, we’ll show you some Not Working/Problematic ECUs on Module 71 53 in bench mode on genuine PCMflash. Hope this could help users of both [...]

V17.10.012 TIS Techstream for VXDIAG Toyota Free Download

Toyota TIS Techsream is updated to version 17.10.012. Software is compatible with VXDIAG VCX NANO Toyota, Mini VCI Toyota, ...   Get Techstream [...]

PCMtuner Dongles Difference: Red in Whole Package vs Green in Dongle Package

PCMtuner ECU Programmer has two dongles: Red and Green. What is their difference? Red PCMtuner Dongle vs. Green PCMtuner Dongle: [...]

Autel 808 Range Tablets Comparison: MK808, MP808, MP808TS…

In this article, we’ll show you a complete comparison chart between Autel 808 Range Tablets.   Here is the [...]

Fixed! V2022.6 BMW Software with Godiag V600 Firmware Update Issue

The latest V2022.6 BMW ICOM Software is compatible for VXDIAG BMW, GODIAG V600, BMW ICOM Next etc. Before we run V2022.6 BMW ISTA+ 4.35.20 with Godiag [...]
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