GODIAG ECU GPT Boot Adapter Unlock PCR2.1 Review

Here comes a review of GODIAG ECU GPT Boot Adapter.


Here we have a Continental PCR2.1 from Audi A1.


We can easily unlock it using Scanmatik clone.

To unlock it, we have to open ECU to read password.



Actually we need only power and ground can-h and can-l.

Don’t have to connect GPT 0 and GPT 1.

We have to solder 2 resistors, each 1 kohm.


I don’t cut it because I use this GODIAG Adapter.


I’m happy with this one.

When I use it with different ECUs, it’s really useful because you don’t want to solder the resistor.

I can connect straightly from here, and you have all the resistor types here.


When you don’t push the button, it will take automatically the resistor.

When you push the button, it will jump to 100 ohm.


Turn to PCMflash old version.

Read password file.


Now we are able to read write this PCR2.1 through OBD.


Done! Simple and nice!

Credit to YOYO Diagnostic.


Skype: cardiag.co.uk

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/8615002705698