How to Perform VCI Connection by Autel MK908P MK908 Diagnostic Tool

After the VCI device is properly connected to the vehicle, the Power LED on the VCI device illuminates solid green light, and is ready to establish communication with the MaxiCOM MK908P/MK908 display tablet.

The Wireless Diagnostic Interface, which comes with the MaxiCOM tool kit, supports 2 communication methods with the MaxiCOM display tablet: BT and USB.

The J2534 ECU Programming Device, which comes with the MaxiCOM Pro tool kit, supports 2 communication methods with the MaxiCOM display tablet: BT, and USB.

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First Main Step: Pairing Up via BT

Among all methods, BT pairing is recommended as the first choice for the25 communication between the MaxiCOM display tablet and the VCI device. The working range for BT communication is about 210 feet (70 m); this means you can perform vehicle diagnosis freely around the workshop with greater convenience.


If you use more than one VCI device to connect to the test vehicles when customers are many, you can perform vehicle diagnosis on various vehicles conveniently, by pairing the MaxiCOM display tablet separately to each of the VCI devices connected to the different test vehicles, via BT, without the need to repeat the plugging and unplugging procedure, which is unavoidable through traditional wired connection, thus saves you more time and provides more efficiency.


You need to pair up the MaxiCOM display tablet with the VCI device via BT:

  1. If not already done, power up the MaxiCOM display tablet.
  2. Select the VCI Manager application from the MaxiCOM Job Menu.
  3. When the VCI Manager application is opened, the device automatically starts scanning for available VCI devices around for BT pairing. The found devices are listed in the Setting section on the right side of the screen.
  4. Depending on the VCI type you use, the device name may display

as Maxi suffixed with a serial number. Select the required device for


  1. When paring is successfully done, the connection status displayed

to the right of the device name is shown as Paired.

  1. Wait for a few seconds, and the VCI button on the system

Navigation bar at the bottom of the screen shall display a green tick

icon, indicating the display tablet is connected to the VCI device,

and is ready to perform vehicle diagnosis.



Important message:

If no VCI device is found, this may indicate that the signal strength of the transmitter is too weak to be detected. In this case try to get closer to the device, or reposition the VCI device, and remove all possible objects that causes signal interference. When these are done, tap the Scan button at the top right corner to start searching again


Second Main Step: USB Cable Connection

The USB cable connection is a simple and quick way to establish26 communication between the MaxiCOM display tablet and the VCI device. After properly connecting the USB cable from the tablet to the VCI device, the VCI navigation button at the bottom bar of the screen shows a green tick icon in a few seconds, and the USB LED on the VCI device illuminates solid green light, indicating the connection between the devices is successful.


Keep this in mind:

Since the USB connection provides the most stable and fastest communication, it is highly recommended to apply this communication method when operating ECU programming or coding. When all the two communication methods are applied at the same time, the unit’s system will use the USB communication as the default priority


Very well. You’ve finished VCI connection by MaxiCOM MK908P/MK908 diagnostic platform to connect the vehicle with the unit.

It is now ready to perform vehicle diagnosis. Awesome!


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