How to Read Peugeot 407 Pin code & Program remote key by Lonsdor K518


Lonsdor K518ISE Key programmer is tailored and perfect for vehicle locksmith. It supports Immobilization, Odometer adjustment, Free BMW FEM key programming etc.

Here share how to use Lonsdor K518ISE to Read Pin code & Program remote key for Peugeot 407 2007.


Car: Peugeot 407 2007

Device: Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer

Others: Car key

Main steps:

Step 1: Read PIN Code

Step 2: Program key

Step 3: Reprogram remote control


Step 1: Read PIN Code

Connect LONDSOR 518ISE to the vehicle via OBD

Insert blank key into the car and turn on the ignition switch

Enter LONDSOR 518ISE Menu

Go to Immobilization-> Peugeot -> Read Pin Type-> Type 2


Downloading application…

Note: During function operation: [wiping brush], [big lights often illuminate] is normal. To stop brush wiping, please check Help, and pull out the corresponding fuse.

Then click “OK”


Switch ignition on, and then click “OK”

Lonsdor K518 read vehicle information


Reading data…

Verifying PIN code…

Read pin code success


Step 2: Program key

Return to LONDSOR 518ISE home page

Click Select from vehicle-> 407-> Immobilizer-> Program key


Switch ignition on

And then click “OK”

Confirm the related info and then click “OK”

Input PIN code

Make sure the input is correct and press “OK”


Finish the following operations within 15sec: Switch off and on ignition, [OK] to continue


Note: Programming complete. Program next key?

Click “Cancel”

Step 3: Reprogram remote control

Follow the prompt to reprogram remote control

1.Switch ignition off and remove key

2.Insert a key and switch ignition on.

3.Within 20 sec, press any button of remote control for 10 sec and then release.

4.Switch ignition off and remove key.

5.For more keys, repeat steps 2-4. [OK] to return.

lonsdor-k518ise-read-pin-code-program-remote-key-9 lonsdor-k518ise-read-pin-code-program-remote-key-10

Program Peugeot 407 remote key success

Job’s done!