How to send datalog after disconnecting from the vehicle and performing function failure

Autel MaxiIM diagnostic scanner series always have the customers asked about “How to send data log after disconnecting from the vehicle and performing function failure”, in particular to Autel IM608 professional scanner and MaxiIM 508 diagnostic scanner.

Main operation Steps:

Step 1:Click on “Data Manager” on the Home screen

how-to-send-datalog-on autel-maxiim-scanners-1

Step 2.Click on “Data Logging”

how-to-send-datalog-on autel-maxiim-scanners-2

Step 3. Click on “History” option to check history performed functions

Step 4.Click on “right arrow” to the corresponding function page to send the log

how-to-send-datalog-on autel-maxiim-scanners-3

Step 5.In the box of “Reason for Sending, describe what’s the failure is actually about.

Step 6.Click on the “Up Arrow” button to send the log.

how-to-send-datalog-on autel-maxiim-scanners-4


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