How to Solve SVCI ING Unregistered, or License Expired Error


When I use SVCI ING, an error message suddenly pops up “Unregistered, or license expired. 2018.5.11”. It also prompts me to connect Bluetooth, but I have connected the svci ing device with computer and the blue indicator light is on. Does it need to connect internet network all the time so that can be used?

svci-ing-unregistered-license-expired-error-solution-2 svci-ing-unregistered-license-expired-error-solution-1 svci-ing-unregistered-license-expired-error-solution-3 engineer replied:

Please install the newest software to fix the problem.

SVCI ING V1.4 download link:


Password: zhrv


Size: 73.0MB

No need password!

Both two links above have been tested 100% working fine with SVCI ING Nissan diagnostic tool.

Add two new functions:

1.add 5 bit, 20 bit anti-theft programming

2.add leaf new energy vehicles

Operating system: windows7/8/10 (Network: 3G above)

Language: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese


How to register SVCI ING BAOCHI software account on windows system?

Step 1: Install BAOCHI cloud diagnostic software

The software installation is very easy.

Just double-click the installation application and install

Click Next… until the installation is complete.

Step 2: Insert Bluetooth Dongle into computer via USB port

Step 3: Supply power to SVCI ING interface

There are two ways to do it:

1).Plug SVCI ING into OBD port of the vehicle and start the car

2).Plug SVCI ING into computer or the power supply via USB port

Step 4: Run BAOCHI software

Add the device Bluetooth and connect


Step 5: Register an account with email address and verify code

svci-ing-unregistered-license-expired-error-solution-5 svci-ing-unregistered-license-expired-error-solution-6

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