How to Solve V142 JLR Mangoose Pro Software Expired Tips

When I used the JLR mangoose SDD pro V142, it reminded me that the software has been expired. So I write this blog to share with you the problem and its solution in detail.

Question description:

I installed the JLR V142 software with operation system windows XP. I could get the Vin but it was reminded that the software would be expired in the next day. The frozen software of DISK 1 had been installed already. Besides, I disabled the network in the whole process.

Then the next day, I planned to use the software. I got the warning:

Network connection not detected

OFFLINE LOGIN NOT AVAILABLE> limited functionality access expired on… (which was the next day)

What’s wrong

Solutions from engineer

With the device opens, you should enter bios to change the time to the day before which means the time you have frozen.

Here is the video guide to install v142 JLR Mongoose Pro for Jaguar and Land Rover.