How to use Star C3 to remove Mercedes Truck AdBlue?

To enter Mercedes Benz Truck AdBlue system and remove it, it requires FDOK/VeDoc encrypted random numbers for programming protected parameters in DAS, then we need one Benz DAS FDOK/VEDOC ENCRYPTED RANDOM No. Keygen.

How does Benz DAS FDOK/VEDOC ENCRYPTED RANDOM No. Keygen works?

Step 1: to enter Mercedes Benz truck AdBlue system, it needs to calculate encrypted random number (see picture 1)


Step 2: Input above 3 values (Random Number, ID Code and Calculation Type) into FDOK calculator in screen 1801, and then click Generate.


benz-das-fdok-vedoc-encrypted-random-no-keygen-display-8 (1)

Step 3: read the encrypted random number from FDOK and enter it in Star Diagnosis as the following example 123-120-004-232, then click press key F3.

Step 4:  finally, remove AdBlue system, disable it.