KESS V2 V5.017 Manager ECU Tuning Kit Ksuite 2.80 Newest Operation Procedures

This article focuses on this Auto ECU Programmer, Kess V2 V5.017 Online Version, to share the customers with the Ksuite 2.80 NEWEST Software Installation and Operation test(Take Reading ECU as an example).


Ksuite 2.80 NEWEST Software Installation:

Download the installation package of this software, open up the file named “Ksuite 2.80 NEWEST” and click on this sub-file folder “Driver”.

Double click this application and run>>select intended language>>OK>>Next

kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-1 kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-5 kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-4 kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-3 kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-2


Back to the upper-level file folder, click on “Ksuite 2.80”, you have to insert the device( Kess V2 V5.017 Online Version, Item NO.SE137-C1) into the computer USB port, there will be a USB prompt.



Installing device right now, it may take a few minutes.



Operation test(Take Reading ECU as an example):

After that, your PC will automatically open up the operation interface of Ksuite 2.80.

Click on this sign of a car image and select the car manufacturer and model that you want to work on.

Here, fox example, takes “VOLKSWAGEN, PASSAT CC”.

Click on “OK”>>ID>>Select>>Press OK to continue

kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-8 kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-10 kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-9


It then begins communication. Wait until it appears like this. Click on “OK”, and it will ask you to save a file, you can name whatever you want.


It prompts the message: switch off the dashboard to continue.



Click on “READING” and wait until it appears this message of “Proceed to read?”, click on “OK”.

Switch on the dashboard, check the connections and press OK to continue.

kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-11 kess-v5.017-manager-ecu-tuning-kit-ksuite-2.80-12


Reading ECU completed and please save it as file to check.



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