KTM100 fw v7.003 clone no reworked read write edc17c64 VAG with no problem

Read and write edc17c64 with china no reworked ktm100 fw v7.003 done with no problems. Loaded my remap in octavia 3 rs, there is true. ktm100 from cardiagtool.co.uk about 337usd +shipping.

Here couples of photos from real working job (tool connected to the ecu in reading-writing and working car), after you see them you can believe it’s true that china ktm100 fw 7.003 no reworked can read and write edc17c64.

ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-01 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-04 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-05 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-07 df73dda70a93e71d3d8da70b2ce726f2667c633b6b1c17569cpimgpsh_fullsize_distr ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-2 ktm100-fw-7-003-read-write-edc17c64-08

v2-13-fw-v7-003-ktm100-ktag-master-version-back-se80-d v2-13-fw-v7-003-ktm100-ktag-master-version-front-se80-d