New Type Hu66 Lock Pick and Decoder for VW car: Good or not?

New type Hu66 is a very popular lock pick and decoder in 2019. Do you hesitate to buy this 2 in 1 tool? Here have collected test report and some customer unbiased reviews. Hope it helps!

Test on VW Passat 2007 – Success!

Customer Unbiased Reviews:

Review 1: Have tested in a golf V and works good

Review 2: have received hu66 and test it on Audi A4 (B6) 2004 and Passat B7 2012, both are OK!

Review 3: I just got the HU66 & worked fine on a VW door lock & a VW ignition lock I have here to practice on, just like Turbo decoder’s only faster & easier.

Review 4: Bought this hu66 and it works great turn it few times one side if it got open turn it over a d turn it few time again and opens.

Review 5: First impression is good and works a treat, I can’t say how well it decodes but it picked the lock pretty quick. Pretty much all VAG cars from 1999 to 2015 prior to 1999 it will only open some and after 2015 same again as the locks are different on some models outside of the 1999 to 2015 years.

Note: This is the test video from this customer, and we have uploaded the video to our website with his consent.


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