Nissan Pin Code Reader F102 VS NSPC001, which one better?

OBDSTAR Nissan/Infiniti Automatic Pin Code Reader F102 is similar with NSPC001, but F102 has additional functions, this blog will show you the difference between them and come to a conclusion for you reference.

Comparison table:

Item name OBDSTAR Nissan/Infiniti Automatic Pin Code Reader F102 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader NSPC001
Display  nissan-pin-code-reader-f102  nissan-pin-code-reader-nspc001
Price €89 €109
Weight 200g 350g
Package 1pc x F102;

1pc x TF Card

1 pc x NSPC001


Features & Functions     F102    NSPC001 
Support to read BCM codes of all Nissan/Infiniti cars.
Can transfer 5-digit code to 4-digit code and 20-digit code to 20 digit code.
No need to connect with computer, plug and play, automatic transfer.
Program Keys for most of Nissan/Infiniti cars.(not all)
Correct Mileage for most of Nissan/Infiniti cars.(not all)
No need to buy tokens.
One Key Upgrade
Have good man-machine interaction.
With 100 point built-in tokens.
No deduction for 5-digit code to 4-digit code.
One point will be deducted for each success transfer of new 20-digit code to 20-digit code and successful reading of BCM code.
When 100 tokens used up, you can still use it to get 4-digit code, but you need to buy a new one if you want to read new 20-digit pin code.


OBDSTAR F102 is better than NSPC001 at these functions:

  1. F102 is cheaper than NSPC001;
  2. F102 no need to buy tokens;
  3. F102 is able to update, just need to click upgrade at official site;
  4. F102 supports programming keys and mileage correction for most of Nissan/Infiniti cars;


Nissan Altima

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Teana 2013

Infiniti JX35 2012-

Infiniti QX60 2013-

Immbliliser No need 20 PINCODE

Nissan 13- Teana

Nissan 13-X-Trail

Nissan 15-Qashiqai

Nissan Murano

Infiniti JX35 13-

Infiniti Q50

Infiniti QX60 13-