OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 vs. Autel IM608

In this article, we will compare the new OBDSTAR X300 Classic G3 to the Autel IM608.

See what we have got in G3 and where it works better or inferior than IM608.



2016 2017 Toyota Camry, the key is fine but the remote did not work. The machine is capable of doing it, but has to do with the difference from the Asian market to the US market. So have to program remote under GT86 Toyota

Currently the database side on Autel is bigger, but OBDSTAR is working on the list.

By now, the Mercedes style key is not supported by G3


ECU Advanced

Here is where it blows away.

Here you can read write VIN number of a couple of modules.



ECU Flasher

Another thing Autel cannot do.

If you add on the cloning function, you can read and modify them.



And P004 and MP001 adapter comes with G3 package.


If you have cloning function, here this section will lit up which will write modify those files.

The same as OBDSTAR DC706.


Autel cannot do any of these features.



The menu to program chips.


To connect to MP001 and enter menu.

This is a life saver, you can see if the connection is good.



It is a code scanner not a full-fledged diagnostic tool.

For this Launch is the best, so here the IM608 does have a full-fledged diagnostic tool built in.



The OBDSTAR G3 is a flagship device.

You can add on all the other features, the airbag reset of the P50.

You can also add on test platform, which allows you to turn clusters on when you do bench work.


Done! Hope this could help!

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