OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Read Pincode for FIAT Marelli 70F3378+95160

How to read Pincode for FIAT MARELLI 70F3378+95160 Key ID46 by OBDSTAR X300 PAD2? Here is the step-by-step guide below.

All needs:

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus auto key programmer

FIAT MARELLI 70F3378+95160 Immobilizer module



Select Diag Program-> IMMOBILISER->FIAT-> FIAT V32.35

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-read-pincode-fiat-marelli-2 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-read-pincode-fiat-marelli-3 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-read-pincode-fiat-marelli-4

Initializing diagnostic data…


Select Pre-Coding-> MARELLI 70F3378+95160 (ID46)

obdstar-x300-dp-plus-read-pincode-fiat-marelli-5 obdstar-x300-dp-plus-read-pincode-fiat-marelli-6

It shows “Vehicles equipped with this unit: Bravo (2009-), Ducato (2010-)


Operate the following steps firstly, then do current function:

1.Disconnect car battery;

2.Connect car battery again. (Don’t turn ignition on);

3.Exit current software and enter again to program. (Note: Don’t turn ignition on if there is no prompt during the process, otherwise it will fail).

Press [Enter] to continue, [ESC] to exit


The function is available by connecting the service, please ensure the Internet connection is normal.


Connecting the server…

Select Read EEPROM (95160)


Don’t switch ignition on

Reading data…

Enter a filename to save the data


Then confirm the filename input

The EEPROM data read out successfully


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