Scania Diagnose Programmer 3 VCI3 Ceases to Be Valid(fixed)

Several days ago, I purchased a V2.24 Scania VCI3. I will share my problem during installation with you in this blog.

It cost me €199 with 3 days delivery. The product was packaged in carton with Scania VCI 3 adapter and SDP3 latest version CD inside.



When I installed the software I meet the following problem with note “the version of SDP3 has ceased to be valid”





I had no idea about this and asked the custom service, Jodi. She said I was failed in installation and provided 3 ways to solute the problem:

1 Change the laptop system to win7 32bit.

2 Do not connect the network.

3 Change the time to Oct.2015

Followed these solutions, my installation process went well. If someone has the same question, you can take these ways into practice. But I’m not sure it will be definitely helpful.

Added info

Reasons why I choose V2.24 Scania:

1 Supports all Scania diagnostic system including scania trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles or heavy duty engines made by Scania.

2 Equipped with both wifi wireless connection and USB connector for wired connection.

3 Support multi-languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

Self-testing dispaly

 Scania-VCI3-7 Scania-VCI3-5 Scania-VCI3-6