Solved! Lonsdor KH100 Failed to Connect Network

Recently, some customers gave feedbacks about Lonsdor KH100 remote maker key programmer network connection errors. Here share the problems and solution offered by engineer.

Error 1: When I use lonsdor kh100 to identify 7935 chip, it cannot connect to network. I try to connect some available hot spots, but also failed.

Error 2: I want to register kh100, but it just keeps searching for network. When I turn on the device, it keeps loading for several minutes. How to solve? engineer solution:

For the errors above, please follow the guide as below to operate step by step.

Step 1: Download the repaired file of Lonsdor KH100 Put the file on the desktop of a computer.

Unzip the file and you will get two files.


Step 2: Turn off the device

Hold Down button for a few seconds and the press Power button once

The KH100 device will enter USB Disk Mode interface


Step 3: Connect KH100 key programmer to the computer and put those two files into the device

Step 4: Click OK button to reboot the device and you will see an update progress bar.

Lonsdor KH100 device will update automatically


Step 5: Check whether the device works or not after updating