Solved! OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Reset 2017 Nissan X-trail Airbag Fail

One customer gave feedback that his OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus failed to reset airbag for Nissan X-trail 2017. The prompt is “Execute Failed” (7E – During activation does not support sub function)

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Here is How We Fix:

Troubleshooting requires customers to connect OBDSTAR Device to network and exit vehicle menu.


Step 1.

Update V30.18 and try again

Feedback: still can’t erase airbag crash record


Step 2.

New data with crash data erased is not written to ECU.

Feedback: don’t work, also tried this 003 data

solved-obdstar-x300 -dp-plus-reset-2017-nissan-x-trail-airbag-fail-3

Step 3.

Operation is incorrect, 2 ways to reset airbag:

1)Write EEPROM: select new file “98820-4CG0A_XC2xxxX_06.22.01.43_xtrail_cleared.BIN”

2)Erase Crash: select original file “98820-4CG0A_XC2xxxX_06.22.01.43_xtrail.BIN”

Feedback: B1421 error code is erased, and airbag reset is complete


Good to know:

  • Only B1421 error code will be erased after such airbag reset procedures
  • For other DTCs, need to install airbag module back to vehicle and execute Clear DTC function


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