Some points about Ad-Blue Emulator

The following is some suggestions from our engineer

Some EU6 models, CAN calbe is not on OBD connector.
So first of all,make sure if the CAN cable is on OBD or not.
If not, only connect with other cable.
There are four cables in use on OBD connector,16pin is “Power Cable”,4-5pin is “GND”,6pin is “CAN H”,14pin is “CAN L”

1.If you connect power cable, the light on unit is on and then connect CAN cable. So the related 7 in 1 CAN cable is also ok.
2.Delete all Adblue product on your car and protect tube
3.Plug Adblue and the operate it according to instruction.
4.Connect Adblue with car via Cable to read and erase faulty code