Three Steps to Unlock FT Toyota/Lexus Smart Keys Manually

Is possible to unlock Lonsdor FT smart keys for Toyota/ Lexus manually no need other devices?

The answer is YES. Only need three steps, you can unlock the keys easily by yourself. No need any device!


The button location is different in different FT series keys.


Lonsdor FT01


Lonsdor FT01




Lonsdor FT01

Step-by-step guide to unlock FT keys:

Step 1: Press and hold button 1, 2 and 3 at the same time

Lonsdor FT01

Step 2: When the indicator light is on, keep pressing button 1 and 2 and release button3.

When the indicator light goes off, press button 3 again

Lonsdor FT01

Step 3: Repeat step 2 for ten times until the indicator light flashes continuously.

Then release all the 3 buttons.

When the indicator light stops flashing, the FT smart key is unlocked successfully.



If you have a Lonsdor KH100 remote maker key programmer, it’s also can be used to unlock FT01 series Toyota smart keys easily.


Enter KH100 main menu

Select “Special Features” -> “FT01”-> “Unlock”



Put the FT key into KH100 device coil

Press OK button to execute the procedure

Unlock FT01 successfully


Lonsdor FT01 series smart key is applied for Toyota/Lexus. There are two types including FT01-0020 and FT01-2110.

PCBA Board P4 Info. Frequency Button Factory Mode
FT01-0020 [00 00 88 88] 314.35/315.10 Three buttons [lock, unlock, trunk] Trunk Sedan
FT01-2110 [00 00 A8 A8] 314.35/315.10 Three buttons [lock, unlock, trunk] Hatch SUV
312.09/314.35 Four buttons [lock, unlock, trunk/hatch, panic]