V2.08/V2.15 Truck Version KESS V2 Firmware V4.024 Manager Tuning Kit Master Version

Good News, new KESS V2 V4.024 truck version is released right now

What’s the advantage of this one ?

1. Truck version KESS V2, support more trucks model than any version.
2. Provide two software version, V2.08 can be used with internet, V2.15 can not use internet.
3. Compared with other version, firmware V4.024 is more stable.

What’s the points you must be attention

Kindly Note

1.One package with two kind of software.One is V2.08 and the othere is V2.15

2.We recommend you use V2.08 software. And must use the V2.08 software we provide, not download from internet.

3.When you using V2.15 KESS V2, please make sure your computer do not have internet. This is very important, connect to internet may damage the hardware and can not repair in your side, you must send back to us for repair.

4.30 Tokens limitation, once used up you can not refresh device to get. You need to buy .
If you purchase this scanner together with tokens, the price is 10USD.
If you only want to purchase the tokens, it is 12.99USD free shipping via Postal Service.

5.Support more truck models than other KESS

6.Software support multi-languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French

Comparison betweeen V3.099,V4.036 and V4.024

The right one is our V4.024 ,it is more powerful than V4.036 for trucks.

V4.024 Truck Version Car List