V96 Julie Emulator REVIEW: Do IMMO OFF in Ford with PATs module successfully

V96 JULIE CAR EMULATOR supports Immo OFF solutions, ESL, ELV,AirBag (Seat Occupancy Sensor),Tacho function. You also can use it in these cases include ECU replacement/ Lost or damaged key with a 4C transponder/ Damaged PATS module.

Now I’d like to share my experience about using v96 Julie emulator to solve Ford car.

This is my Ford car, I find that the LED on the clock blinks fast and the car starter doesn’t crank.

v96-julie-emulator-do-immo-off-in-ford-1 v96-julie-emulator-do-immo-off-in-ford-2 v96-julie-emulator-do-immo-off-in-ford-3

Detailed solution steps as below. Here you go…

Step 1: Remove Ford ECU

Remove the ECU from my car


All the devices needed display

V96 Julie car emulator

Ford ECU

Unsolder/ solder tools


Step 2: Write 77012 EEPROM memory

Dismantle Ford ECU


Unsolder 77012 EEPROM memory

Clean and dry the chip position

v96-julie-emulator-do-immo-off-in-ford-7 v96-julie-emulator-do-immo-off-in-ford-8 v96-julie-emulator-do-immo-off-in-ford-9

Write 09 14 35 09 values in addresses from 008 to 00B


Step 3: Connect to Julie emulator 

Weld the 77012 EEPROM memory back to the ECU

In this case solder jumpers: 1+2+4+5+6


Disconnect PATs plug


Connect to Julie emulator


The LED on the clock lights constantly, then can start the car


Success! Hope can help you out!