VVDI Key Tool Max Review: Price, Package, Remote /Transponder Generation

I’d like to share the VVDI key tool max I purchased at cardiagtool.co.uk two months ago.

The vvdi key tool max with vvdi mini obd tool full package cost me 459 euro free shipping.

All the goods were packed in a plastic box. There was no any damage when I received.

Here are the full package incl:

Key tool max main unit*1

User manual*1

USB TYPE-c cable*1

Data cable*1 (be used for charging)

Wired handset cable*1 (connected with wired handset)

Mini OBD tool*1




I tried to use key tool max to do remote generation, identification and generation of exclusive chip. Go ahead to see the test.

Test 1: Remote generation

(Wired remote key, wireless smart key card remote key)

Connect the smart key card with key tool max via the wired handset cable

vvdi-key-tool-max-review-4 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-5

Enter App main menu

Select Vehicle Remote-> Audi-> the corresponding remote

Then press Generate remote

vvdi-key-tool-max-review-6 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-7 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-8 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-9

Generating remote 100%, burn success

vvdi-key-tool-max-review-10 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-11

Test 2: Audi A3 key

This is Audi a3 key mqb5 434m


The generation remote steps are same as test 1.

vvdi-key-tool-max-review-13 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-14 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-15

Finally, burn success as well


Test 3: Identification and generation of exclusive chip

Put the chip into key tool max coil

Select Generate Transponder-> D13

vvdi-key-tool-max-review-17 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-18 vvdi-key-tool-max-review-19

It shows the chip is new 13 chip, and allowed transponder VVDI XT27.

Click Generate transponder


So good!!! The transponder generation is also successful.


I have to say VVDI key tool max is a cost-effective tool. Value for money! I hope can do more function with it.