VVDI MB adds a key (EIS) to 2003 S class: Success

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Purpose: Trying to add a key to a 2003 s class

Tool: VVDI MB Tool

Problem: Everything seemed to be working, but it failed to calculate password. The key that was working will no longer work. I have the eis saved, but no password. Help!!!



Owner: Nick Pelletier

Tech support: Alejandro Formoso Romano



Alejandro Formoso Romano What you mean with failed in calculate password? did you use the server?


Nick Pelletier After I uploaded the date I waited 2 minutes query results it failed.


Alejandro Formoso Romano are you new doing mercedes mate?


Alejandro Formoso Romano there is NO password calculation by server on w220 chasis mercedes….so if you tried data calculation you fuck up the key yourself …it lost sync


Alejandro Formoso Romano its a very easy car it will just give you the key pass by ir .


Nick Pelletier  It says it’s w215 on it.


Alejandro Formoso Romano w215 ,w220 its same thing


Nick Pelletier Ok. How can I fix it. Or am I fucked?


Alejandro Formoso Romano w215 chasis its a cl


Alejandro Formoso Romano pass me team viewer


Alejandro Formoso Romano easy fix one way or another


Nick Pelletier Do I have to pull the eis out?


Alejandro Formoso Romano wait …. pass me teamviewer first


Nick Pelletier Ok I’m o


Nick Pelletier 246489552


Alejandro Formoso Romano pm better


Shai Peretz Any updates


Alejandro Formoso Romano its fitted with an w215 ezs for sure ,so no key pass by ir , and working key its a nec v40 so no key pass on key too …he is going to remove ezs and get a reading …then calculate keys and job done


Nick Pelletier Yea. I pulled the eis and did it on the bench. It all worked out. Made 3 keys and got out of there.

Nick Pelletier Thanks guys. I got it all worked out. It cost me one of my keys and after hours, but I got the job done.


VVDI MB User Manual: http://www.cardiagtool.co.uk/xhorse-vvdi-benz-tool-including-bga-calculation.html


Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/304426429957190/