VVDI-Prog 35160DW Chip Reviews

Xhorse made special chip 35160DW.


That chip covers 35160, 35080, 35128

Can be read / write w/o any extra adaptors

Here are VVDI-prog 35160DW chip reviews:

  1. both 35160WT chip almost works the same as D160. 35160WT just have better security on mileage part. So i was willing to try it.
  1. VVDI Prog read&write 35160WT but not 35128WT… this is my problem.
  1. it support 128WT as well
  1. VVDI dont support 35128WT because it has 4020 lines! and not 820 lines as 35160WT!
  2. 35160 results in 0x800 size
    35128 results in 0x4000 size
    VVDI does it correct
  1. get 35080 adapterfor vvdi prog,and did test it with 35080v6 from bmw e60 dashboard, before i did try with r270 but r270 can not do it, try many time, but with vvdi prog work good! it did erase inc, and i try to write original dump to it and work
  1. Ok. So the 6wa cluster has 160D0WT chip. I will order the vvdi prog and try to read/modify it.
    As far i read. Its 2nd gen 6wa clusters, which will immediately sgow red dot.. So i am really afraid of any modification
  1. The chip made by Xhorse is a replacement for the original one when it is not possible to erase them.
    Like Smok emulator pcb. It’s basically a m35080/m35160 with ID emulator.