VXDIAG VCX SE BENZ Firmware Upgrades and Vehicle Coverage

VXDIAG VCX SE BENZ Diagnostic & Programming Tool can access all system of Mercedes Benz for diagnosing, repairing, programming, in stance: read and clear code, read dynamic data stream, action test, activate components, replace and program module, retrofit and modify the car’s configuration, replace and upgrade ECU, do personalized settings, do SCN coding and program online, etc.


This article is gonna share the knowledge of VXDIAG VCX SE BENZ Firmware Upgrades and Vehicle Coverage. Here below is the specific steps.


Operation Guide:

Connect VXDIAG VCX SE with computer



Open up the app “VX Manager”, enter the main screen and click on the icon of “Firmware”.



Click on “Upgrade” to begin this process. (Attention: Please keep device connection while upgrading)



Upgrading VCI firmware…



Upgrading DoIP firmware…

vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-6 vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-7


We will also update license.



Click on “Diagnostic” and then “BENZ C6”.



Purple “+” sign means update is available, just click on “Update”.

vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-10 vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-11


Open up the newly-updated software “Offline XENTRY Diagnosis” to check the car list it supports.

vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-12 vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-17 vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-16 vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-15 vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-14 vxdiag-vcx-se-benz-firmware-upgrades-and-vehicle-coverage-13


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