XTOOL EZ400 Pro Operation Instruction: Mercedes-Benz 2017 All Modules Diagnostics

Xtool EZ400 Pro auto diagnostic tool is a high-end and new style auto diagnostic device developed by XTOOL, with its open source Android operating system provides fast boot-up and multitasking. It provides extensive vehicle coverage for most US, Asian and European makes, which makes it the best solution for workshops.

This article will focus on how to use Xtool EZ400 Pro auto diagnostic tool to perform All Modules Diagnostics for Mercedes-Benz 2017


All modules diagnostic operation guide:

First of all, come to the car-model select screen (You should select by car manufacturer, model and year).

Here, click “Europe”>>”BENZ”>>”Automatic vehicle identification”

It will ask you to input the VIN. Just enter it and press OK to move on.

Then, make the choice on the type of the engine. Of course, I will choose “Gasoline engine”.

xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-1 xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-2 xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-3 xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-4


THREE different options will appear on this screen.

Click “Quick Test” and the unit will start the scanning process automatically until it finishes detecting all the components of the car.

As we can see, there are 57 car components being scanned right now. It would take a few minutes, ten minutes or so, to complete this process. Just be a little patient.

xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-5 xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-6


OK, this process is completed right now.



Let’s do further check and know more about the car component’s problem it has scanned.

This unit has helped us quickly detect all around the potential car module problems and it does work to tell us several fault codes. Let’s choose one to see specifically.

Click “2.VGS Transmission control”>>Click “Diagnosis” at the bottom left

It will get into the “Diagnostic Menu”. Four different options as “Control unit version, Fault codes, Erase fault memory, Actual values” are displayed. We will see how each of them works accordingly.

xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-8 xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-9


1.Control unit version. Basically it will tell you its exact information



2.Fault codes. It will provide the name of the fault code and tell you the meaning of it, basically what’s wrong with this car module.



3.Erase fault memory. Basically after you check carefully again of your car according to the corresponding fault code and its meaning, ensuring no issue existed or get the module repaired or replaced. Then this will help you erase the fault code.

Please remember to turn on the ignition.

xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-12 xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-13


4.Actual values. It will tell you the specific actual values of the major six items.

Fox example the “Oil temperature”.

xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-14 xtool-ez400-pro-mercedes-benz-quick-scan-instruction-15


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