368A Key Cutting Duplicated Machine Locksmith Tools Key Machine 200W Best Offer

368A Vertical Car Household Key Copy Cutting Dulplicated Machine Locksmith Picking Tool 220V

TOP 4 Reasons to get 368A Key Copy Cutting Machine

1.Multi functional practical machine, equipped with horizontal feeding movable handle
2.Multifunctional steel fixture, can copy various hollowness type,wave type,cylindrical key and key for multi lock and composite bead keys and some car keys,such as BMW,HONDA,Volkswagen car keys
3.Fixture with dark key duplication service pitch line and cylinder type key assembly function (multifunctional clamp)
4.With hardened ball bearing slide mechanism.

368A Key Copy Cutting Machine Parameters


Dimension size:30 *21*35cm

Weight:10kg (Volume weight)



Plug Type: UK.USA.BR.CN.EU

Packing List

1* 368A Key Cutting Machine

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