Problems of VAG 14.10.2


with this mail i send you the pictures of the Problem a have with <our vag 14.10 diagnostic cable.

I hope you can help.

On the First picture you will see the error message when the cable is connected to my car and i do the connecting test in the settings.
On the Second picture you see the message when the cable is not to connected to my car and i do the test.
The Third picture is the old software 12.12 with the old cable that already is working at my car.
i tried the cable @my vw golf tdi from 2000
and @ a golf 1.6 from 2003.
@ both cars the cable doesnt work and with the old cable and software it had gone.
For driver settings see the pictures.



From the above pics, we can see that the device is ok, and the program is also ok

But the message shows the device is not recognized.And also shows the customer use the newer version to udpate.

Suggestions from our engineer is “change a laptop to install software again without connecting net.”