Autel IM508/IM608 SGW Module Bypass Cable Recommendation

When we program 2018+ FCA models by our Autel MaxIM IM508/IM608 Key Programmer, we have to bypass SGW module firstly. Which bypass cable to select, here we will show you 3 options:

  1. Autel FCA 12+8 Bypass Cable
  2. ADC-2011 Cable
  3. Star Connector and Backprobe


Part 1. Autel FCA 12+8 Cable

How to Connect?

1.Locate and unplug the 12Pin and 8PIN connectors of the SGW module.

2.Then connect the FCA 12+8 directly to the 12pin and 8pin (two connectors connected to the SGW) connector on the car.



What FCA models the cable supports?

2018+ Jeep Renegade

2018+ Jeep Compass

2018+ Jeep Cherokee

2018+ Jeep Wrangler

2018+ Jeep Grand Cherokee

2018+ Dodge Ram

2018+ Dodge Durango

2018+ Dodge Journey

2018+ Dodge Charger

2018+ Dodge Challenger

2018+ Chrysler Pacifica

2018+ Chrysler 300


Have to remove many components, for part of models have to remove the radio, some customers mind that. Experienced technician may spend around 15 minutes on removal and connection.


Part 2. ADC-2011 Cable

ADC2011 Cable works with things like Autel IM508 Programmer as well.


With adc 2011, connection time may be reduced to less than 5 minutes.



But it requires other cables to bypass SGW.



Part 3. Star Connector and Backprobe

Made a cable with star connector and 2 pin backprobe.

The connection is soldered and shrink wrapped. the tape is there just to make it easier to grab.

and for the back probes I used T-pins soldered onto a wire



How to Connect and Probe?

Check 3 places.

1)Under drivers dash (*generally)

2)Under dash on the passenger side

3)Under rear deck lid

Or check on apps like MyKeysPro.


This methods requires tech, but time could reduced less than 3 minutes.



1st method only needs one cable but it removes a lot of things and takes more times; 2nd and 3rd methods requires different cables to work together, and also soldering, self-made cable, but don’t have to remove much things and takes less time on bypass.


Alright, those are all 3 ways to bypass SGW and program FCA keys with Autel IM508/IM608 Programmer.


Hope this could help.

Thanks to Brian, Tyshawn, Scott…

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