Autel MaxiPro MP808K Diagnostic Tool In-depth Review

Autel MaxiPro MP808K diagnostic scanner offers value for money. It performs special functions such as key fob programming, automated bleed, active tests, EPB, live data, ECU information, adaptation, matching, codes, etc. This outstanding unit enables mechanics to keep all data files, vehicle records, and customer info adequately organized. Nevertheless, it is vital to note that all the advanced functions are not universally compatible. Thus, you should get in touch with customer care and find out if it’s compatible.


Technical Specifications of the Autel MP808K Diagnostic Scan Tool:

Features Autel MP808K
Image autel-mp808k-review-1
Weight: 14.85 pounds
IMMO Keys function: Yes
C+omes with : complete 11 connectors
Main Brands: Skoda, Opel, Citroen, Porsche, Rover, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Acura, Lexus, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Lincoln, Mazda, etc
Covers all available vehicle modules: Yes
View Live Data: Yes
Active Test: Yes
View Freeze Frame: Yes
Oil Reset Service: Yes
Tooth Learning/Anti-theft Matching: Yes
ABS,SRS, Body control module: Yes
Battery Register /Battery Maintenance: Yes
Software Update Option: Yes, 1-Year Free Update
Warranty: 1-year warranty


The Autel MP808K is an improved version of MP808 and DS808. However, the feature that separates it from these scanners is the complete 11 connectors that it comes with. This allows it to access and scan all electronics systems on more than 80 vehicle makes and models. Besides, it also has a 12-month free software upgrade and a 1-year warranty. At such a price, you get more than what you pay for.


Autel MaxiPro MP808Ks Pros:

Extensive vehicle coverage

Performs a variety of functions

It is sleek and compact

Easy to use with a user-friendly design

12-month free updates

1-year warranty


Autel MaxiPro MP808Ks Cons:

No cons of it has been found yet so far


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