AUTEL MaxiSys MS906BT Tutorials on Programming Toyota G Chip key & Remote

Autel Maxisys MS906BT diagnostic tablet is a wireless automotive diagnostic scanner that comes with bluetooth MaxiVCI that enables technicians and home mechanics to access and diagnose all available vehicle modules remotely at OE-level with best possible coverage.


This article is to share the use guide on Programming Toyota G Chip key & Remote by AUTEL MaxiSys MS906BT.

Main Steps:

Firstly, turn the ignition on with the working key

Go to Hot function>>Immo & Keys>>Key Registration



This function is used to register immobilizer keys. Press OK to proceed.



Three steps are used in this process to add a working key.

Step 1: this picture below is how we operate to make it really work, just follow it strictly:



Step 2: Remove the master key from the key cylinder and press OK.



Step 3: Insert the key you want to program and press OK. Do not turn the ignition switch on.



It will get into the “Registering” process automatically.


Master key registration is complete successfully!



Go to the body control module to program the remote.

Go back to “Diagnosis” function>>Control unit>>Main body>>Special Functions>>Wireless Code Registration


Follow the instruction until it turns into this screen:



Follow the below another three steps of Wireless Code Registration to complete the remote programming.

autel-ms906bt-toyota-g-chip-key-programming-9 autel-ms906bt-toyota-g-chip-key-programming-11 autel-ms906bt-toyota-g-chip-key-programming-10


Wireless Code Registration is completed successfully!



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