Buy Original JMD HANDY BABY CBAY or TJECU CN900 MINI key clone machine?

This post compares original JMD HANDY BABY CBAY and TJECU CN900 MINI key clone machine at three aspects including Manufacture, test report and PCB, hope it light others who are confused how to choose them.

Lets go!

  1. Comparison at Manufacture
  • MINI CN900 is real original TJECU key copy tool as CN900, please make sure you get one original from manufacturer or the authorized dealer e.g, since it looks like all of them are the same, so far there is no copy CN900 Mini. The original MINI CN900 official site is but can’t be opened without registration.
  • HANDY BABY CBAY is real original JMD key copy tool. Please confirm the original one is able to online update at official site as you will, and it is also authorized at cardig site.
  1. Comparison at price and tested ok chip ID:

Built in decoder box for 4D, 4D72″g”, 46, &48 for less than €200. MINI CN900 looks like a handy baby at the outlook. HANDY BABY CBAY OR CN900 MINI, surely the cn900 mini is a better buy for the price; it wins HANDY BABY as handy baby twice the price.

HANDY BABY wins CN900 MINI at the workable chip ID, it is test ok to copy 4D/4C, ID46, 72G, ID42, ID11, ID12, ID13, ID33, 4D83 DST80 (Ford), 4D70 DST80 (Hyundai/ Kia), ID48. While CN900 MINI is tested ok on only 4D/4C, ID46, 72G, ID42, ID11, ID12, ID13, ID33.

  • Generally

CN900 Mini tested ok on:

Copy 4D/4C

Copy ID46

Copy 72G

Copy ID42

Copy ID11

Copy ID12

Copy ID13

Copy ID33

4D83 DST80 (Ford) fail

4D70 DST80 (Hyundai/ Kia) fail

Copy ID48 fail

Handy Baby tested ok on:

Copy 4D/4C ok

Copy ID46 ok

Copy 72G ok

Copy ID42 ok

Copy ID11 ok

Copy ID12 ok

Copy ID13 ok

Copy ID33 ok

4D83 DST80 (Ford) ok

4D70 DST80 (Hyundai/ Kia) ok

Copy ID48 ok

tp5 ok

  • Specifically

Copy 4D ok on following specific car models and year:

Buick Excelle 2005 4D

FAW Pentium 4D

Mazda 6 4D

Ford Focus 2010

Ford Focus 2012

FAW Pentium B50

Copy 48 ok on following specific car models and year:

Buick Excelle 2012

Volkswagen Jetta 2010

Copy 46 ok on following specific car models and year:

BMW 730 2002

Buik Excelle GT

Buik Eecore

Maxus G10


Honda FIT

Honda CR-V

Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 3008

Nissan Qashqai

Citroen C-QUATRE

Great Wall C50

Suzuki SX4

Hyundai Verna 2014

Hyundai Elantra 2014

Chevrolet Aveo 2014

Chevrolet Cruze 2015

Chevrolet Captiva 2014

Landrover Vogue


Luxgen 7





Roewe 350

Buick Enclave

Geely Emgrand

Hawtai 圣达菲

Great Wall C30

Honda Crosstour


Kia K2

Zhonghua 骏捷 2011

Nissan Livina 2009

FAW Vizi 2009

Chery Riich 2010

Ha/ma S7

Peugeot 308S 2015

Chery Fulwin

Luxgen U6 2015

Peugoet 408 2014

Hyundai SantaFe 2007

Copy ok on other chips:

Buick GL8 13 chip

Ford Focus DST40 chip

FAW PentiumB70 4D-60

Ford 4D-60

  1. Comparison at PCB

Handy Baby PCB

handy baby pcb-board

CN900 Mini Key Copy Machine PCB: