Carprog Full v8.21 v8.09 online 9.31 OK and Fail experience

I got clone Carprog full v8.21 online and V9.31 ECU programmer for a toy and would share the good and bad experience here. Hope it enlighten others who are confused on this tool.

Feeback 1:

Focus 2008 ….ok

Cmax 2010 ….ok

opel many ecu(bensin and diesel) ….ok

Insignia , Astra 2010 …. error connection

Fiat croma, punto, bravo…ok

Passat b6 2007….ok

hyundai i20 2014 obd………..ok

polo 2014 read dash –fail
octavia —-2007 read immodata fail

skoda fabia clear airbag by 3 wires ok
clio3 2006 dash with 24c04 always change to 137000 0r 131000km cant remember  by obd..

astra IV , insignia , octavia 2011 JC online work

Feeback 2:

Started with clone 4.01, after that bougt 4.74 clone and after a year i bought original dashboard pack. I use both because clone is good for some airbags and opel ecu via obd…it’s pretty good tool

Feeback 3:

Work fine for Renault Scenic,Laguna,Megane… dash with HC08 and NEC procesors with A10 cable without disamble the dash. Work 100%
Megane 1995-1999 Key 100% work
VW Passat 2008 Km 100% work
Opel ECU all work fine
NOT work with VW ECU
CarProg with 4.74 sofware

Question: Consider between the clone and the original?

Answer: To be honest, my friend has original carprog. he had already sent it to codecard for repair 3 times and it still not working properly. And my clone working for years without any hardware issues, one problem, not all functions working and no A+ cable…

Part 2: V9.31 or V8.21 online?

Question: What about V9.31? what is difference in functions between 9.31 and online 8.21??

Answer: china carprog clone 8.21 is work good on all options all are active….
but need to test on dash…no option is N/A all are active

Question: my carprog 8.21 start counting

Answer: When you install software that asked key code? Because 8.21 need online activation
If you install and put key code, not should be start to count

Question: I try give 12v to carprog and then d1+a15 adapter power supply to dash from a15 it read ok but dosenot write…..have any solution ?????

Answer: I think you should rework it first

Question: Does the version 8.21 clone work with windows 7 and above? or just windows xp?

Answer: Work with any version of windows. Mine came with 9.31 and 8.21, my 8.21 runs on win 7

Question: lib file serial number error

If the clone menu is activated it works the same as the genuine.
The latest v8.21 comes with v9.31
v9.31 does not work at all because the lib file has the wrong serial number. v8.21 works because the lib file has the correct serial number. I bought from

Answer: the customer service sent me v9.31 software for download: