Ford key programming: VCM II clone vs FLY FVDI J2534 vs VCM IDS 3



I just found out that my tools are not enough and need to get one of the tools mentioned to initialize module on 2011+ Ford cars and vans.
I did a lot of key programming, FIP/PCM initialization, on 2001 fords, 2006+, 2010, with Launch/Forscan, but on newer EURO5 cars I can only adapt keys, but can’t initialize the ECU. It asks for incode by outcode, which I do not have access since code generators work until 05/2010 and my tools can’t calculate it.

So, what should I go for? VCM II clone, FLY FVDI J2534 or VCM IDS 3


VCM II HQ clone is best tool of that bunch, but be aware that you will still need incode/outcode for key/security related work. You do not normally need this for programmable module installation so long as there is already a PCM present which can be read by the VCM.

Sp177-C or Sp177-C1. Are supposed to be the most reliable clones.

The link to VCM II:




I understand there is a small wait from the factory for the HQ clones at the moment. Or for the very best, but more expensive option, search eBay USA for used genuine ones. These usually go for 5-600USD.