CGDI MB program new keys by erasing Mercedes-Benz EIS

Are you searching for the method to add new key by CGDI MB key programmer when all the key positions are used? Here will share the solution through erasing the Benz EIS key password. Hope it helps you.

This is all the key positions are used image


Step-by-step guide to solve this problem:

Note: an original Benz key and a BE key need to prepare

Step 1: Collect EIS Data

Step 2: Save EIS Data

Step 3: Wipe the EIS

Step 4: Write EIS Data

Let’s go one by one:


Step 1: Collect EIS Data

Connect CGDI Prog MB to vehicle

Open CGDI MB software

Click on Compute Password”->“Copy key with key”-> “Collect Data”

Select “Other keys” and click “OK”


Follow the prompts on the CGDI MB screen to insert the original key into EIS or CGDI MB device

cgdi-prog-mb-wipe-benz-eis-program-keys-3 cgdi-prog-mb-wipe-benz-eis-program-keys-4 cgdi-prog-mb-wipe-benz-eis-program-keys-5 cgdi-prog-mb-wipe-benz-eis-program-keys-6

It will take some minutes to complete data collection procedure, please be patient.

When data collection is completed, save it in a new folder


Step 2: Save EIS Data

Select “Upload data” and select the file just saved to upload

Upload data successfully

Click on “Query result” and wait for 1 minute to query

Password computing success


Then go to “EIS” function to save EIS data

Note: If the password has been pasted in the form automatically, ignore the password paste step

Save the file successfully

Step 3: Wipe the EIS

Pay attention to this important step

Click “Get” to erase key password


Select “Wipe the EIS” and insert the simulation key into EIS within 30 seconds


Wipe EIS success and take out the simulation key


Step 4: Write EIS Data

Click on “Load EIS Data” to open the EIS data with key password file just saved

Then press “Write EIS Data”

A suggestion will appear on the screen “Write VIN first, then write EIS data”


Click “OK” and insert the simulation key into EIS within 30 seconds

Write EIS data success


Take out the simulation key and insert the original key into EIS to learn


Key learning is completed, unplug the original key

Click “Read EIS Data” to check other keys are erased except the original key


Wipe the Mercedes-Benz EIS is done!

Now you can go to program a new key…

Refer to the following article to add new key with key:

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Good for Mercedes-Benz GLK300 2011 (W207), C260 2013 (W204)

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