Free Download V1.2.1.0 CGDI CG100X Software

V1.2.1.0 CGDI CG100X Software is released! Get free download link form Cardiagtool.


Free Download CG100X Software:

V1.2.1.0 CG100X

*After installation, connect device to network and update to the latest version


CG100X Update Info (2023.07.31)

1.Added 37 models for instrument mileage adjustment

2.Added 4 models for data read and write function


1.The following models are added for dashboard

PORSCHE Cayenne 24C08

Besturn X40 2017- 24LC04

MAXUS G50 2019- 25160

MAXUS V90 2022- 24C08

Daojue pioneer s R5F10DPEJ

DongFeng nissan palazzo 2021- R5F10DPGJ

DongFeng Tianlong 2020- 24C08

DongFeng nissan ruiqi  R5F10DPCJ V2

DongFeng D3 watering car MPC5606S

Trumpchi chuangqiGS3  2018- R7F701401

Geely K17A R5F10TPJL

Geely Xinrui 2020- 24C16

Geely Emgrand GL 2021- FS32K142

Geely Long Range fengrui 2021- 24C04

Geely Emgrand GL 2021- FS32K144

JieFang balin 2019- 24C08

Ju Ming Corn harvester 688 2022- 24C16(mileage)

KaiMa Ruihang X1 2021- 24C08

LOVOL FR18F Digging machine 24C64

Suzuki Big Dipper 2009- 93C46

Suzuki SWIFT 2014- 93S66

Liugong 55 Digging machine 24C64

Land Rover Range Rover 2008-080DOWQ

ruiyi Electric car 2017- R5F10DPEJ


senya S80 2012- 24C08

Lingong Temporary truck 9S12HY64(times)

T-KNG Ouling S3 2022- 24C04

Five signs(UFO) tricycle 24C02(times)

ChangAn Crossing V3 2018- 24C16

ChangAn V3 EV 2019- 24C16

ChangAn XinBao 2021-SC667529CLL 0M43S(HY64)

ChangAnxingka D201 EV 2018- 9S12HY64

Great Wall ORA IQ R7F701404

Great Wall Harvard F7 R7F701404

Volkswagen D70F35xx MQB Full LCD D70F3525(A2C81589600)

Volkswagen D70F35xx MQB Full LCD D70F3526


2.The following models are added for dashboard read-write

WuLing RS3 24C16(read writer)

QOROS QOROS 5 D703529(read write)

Trumpchi chuangqi GS8 D70F3532(read write)

Great Wall Havel H6 D70F3529(read write)


Stay tuned!