How to erase 35080vp with R270 programmer?


Here ‘re the solution helps you erase 35080vp with a R270 programmer reworked. The risk is yours. Good luck!

1- Change the power supply to good quality: 12V 1.5A !
2- Change capacitor :

3- Change resistor:

And to make R270 better on M35080, please replace the resistor R11 by 200-1K resistor.


Tested with M35080vp: success!

R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-1 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-2 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-3 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-4 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-5 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-6 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-7 R270-BDM-programmer-m35080-8

Again, you will try all at your own risk!!!!!!!