How to setup Tech2Win + SDS on Windows 10 64 bit

Here are tips and guides of Tech2Win + SDS Windows 10 64 bit setup for VXDIAG VCX NANO GM



Putting Tech2 win into win 7 compatibility mode is not hard to do.

Go to the start icon for tech2win, right click it and go to properties, and see if you can click the box and make it run it in win 7 mod.

If the box is grayed out and you can not do it this way, click on the windows icon, type in run in the search box, then find run program made for a previous version of windows in list it will bring out and click on that to open that program. From here, it pretty straight forward to find Tech2 win, and change tech2 win so it running in win 7 compatible mode.

As for SDS, need to see that if it has for any type of account already set up in it’s memory. Hence in VM, gds2 should run fine, but without a active account in SDS, it never going to connect to GM to pull firmware files down that way instead.

Hell who knows, and if the SDS program on the disco does not have a hidden account on it, maybe you can access GM via the cloud software instead.

Huge update and to make the Nano work with windows 10 64 you have to load the problems as follows.

 The sequence of installation on Windows 10. This is what worked-
1. Load the device
2. Execute MDI.exe
3. Install VXmanager
4. Execute auto install with VXmanager running.

Vxdiag cloud software:

  1. Download VX Manager from


Or use this link:!esxVxIzb!h3CJbcyNG0u1OE_Tam978pygzfuKktQMrRCDcM9E0H8

  1. Install VX Manger

vxdiag-cloud-software-2 vxdiag-cloud-software-3

  1. Connect your device

Open the VX Manager, and click on VX Cloud, then 云诊断(Cloud Diagnosis)

vxdiag-cloud-software-4 vxdiag-cloud-software-5

  1. Sign in

user name: xinnuoyu

password: xinnuoyu


  1. VXdiag cloud diagnosisinterface


  1. Connect to your car, select your car brands, then click on OPEN CLOUD. Here: Mazda