How to Solve Autel OTOFIX IM1/BT1 Tools’ Common Errors?

This article focuses on How to Solve Autel OTOFIX IM1/BT1 Tools’ Common Errors .


There are 3 main common errors that customers might encounter when using them on diagnosing their cars. So follow up and check the content below.


Here is the Basic Information of these two powerful tools:

Autel OTOFIX IM1 Automotive Key Programming & Diagnostic Scan Tool with Advanced IMMO Key Programmer



Autel OTOFIX BT1 Professional Battery Tester Full System Diagnostic Tool with OBDII VCI Supports Battery Registration



1. What if there is communication failure with a specific module (other modules are communicating well)?

  • Check if there are any problems, especially connection issues, in this module itself or not;
  • Check if there are any related issues/error codes in any other related modules or not;If yes, fxed the related errors first;
  • Still any errors please advise details and record a video to show your diagnostic process.


2. What if there is communication failure with all modules?

  • Check if OBDII cable is fine/change another cable to try again;
  • Check if OBDII function is communicating fine;
  • Check if there are any issues in vehicle itself or not;
  • Check if any other vehicles have the same issue or not; If all vehicles are not communicating, please try another new OBDII cable.
  • If this vehicle is not communicating only, please check problems on the vehicle itself first.


3. Got “Linking Error” message when using OBDII software.

  • Check if the vehicle testing is OBDII compliant or not (EOBD or JOBD is not supported);
  • Vehicles adopted OBDII system in different regions around the world (For Reference):
  • Europe: Adopted OBDII system since 2006;
  • S.A: Adopted OBDII system since 1996;
  • Asia: Adopted OBDII system since 2009;
  • Check if any other OBDII compliant vehicles(US vehicles, Ford, GM, Chrysler are suggested) are communicating with this scanner or not; If other vehicles are communicating fine, it is most likely that the vehicle you testing is NOT OBDII compliant;
  • If it is confirmed that the vehicle is OBDII complaint but still linking error, please advise your region/country, screenshot of About information of your device, VIN of your vehicle to our tech support.


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