How to use CGDI Prog MB for W166 all key lost

CGDI Prog MB user manual: how to program a new key with CGDI Prog key programmer when all Mercedes-Benz W166 keys are lost

CGDI Prog MB how to use:

select Lock (EIS)

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (1)

click on Read EIS data

select Compute password

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (2)

select Copy key without key

click on Collect data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (3)

prepare to collect data. pls. don’t move:

  1. waiting to read the lock data
  2. insert the simulation key into the lock
  3. start collecting it will take a long time; do not disconnect the CGDI-MB device
  4. collection completes. pls. save data, then click on Update data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (4)

follow CGDI-MB software instruction

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (5)

collecting data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (7) CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (6)

data acquisition success. save data

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (8)

Update data

open data you just saved

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (9)

update data successfully

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (10)

Query password

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (11)

Query end

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (12)

display password, Copy

select enter

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (13)

paste password

CGDI-MB-W166-all-key-lost (14)