How to use Humzor NEXZDAS Lite

Look here: NexzDAS Lite Diagnostic Tool is confirmed to break the traditional limitations with the modality of VCI+APP. It is compatible with Andriod phone and

can offer the perfect diagnostic solution for shops and technicians.

Here is the Humzor NEXZDAS Lite operation guide.

You need:

Andriod phone with NexzDAS App

Car (NexzDAS Lite support)

HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite Full-System Diagnosis Tool

Steps to use NexzDAS:

Turn ignition switch on

Plug the VCI into OBD port

Open NexzDAS App to connect the Bluetooth automatically

Then select vehicle and start diagnosis

NEXZDAS- operation-1 NEXZDAS- operation-2 NEXZDAS- operation-3

Enter a seventeen digit VIN

NEXZDAS- operation-4 NEXZDAS- operation-5

Quick scan for all the electronic systems of the car

NEXZDAS- operation-6 NEXZDAS- operation-7

NEXZDAS Lite diagnostic system Function Menu

NEXZDAS- operation-8

Ecu information

NEXZDAS- operation-9

NEXZDAS Lite read code

NEXZDAS- operation-10 NEXZDAS- operation-11 NEXZDAS- operation-12 NEXZDAS- operation-13

erase DTC

NEXZDAS- operation-14 NEXZDAS- operation-15

one-key data manage

NEXZDAS- operation-16

one-key update& Download vehicle module

NEXZDAS- operation-17

VIN Query

NEXZDAS- operation-18

Download Teamviewer QuickSupport

NEXZDAS- operation-19

DTC Query

NEXZDAS- operation-20

Choose related vehicle to feedback

NEXZDAS- operation-21 NEXZDAS- operation-22

one-key update without PC or card

Get new version upgrade information in time and choose to update it at fast speed within APP.

NEXZDAS- operation-23

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