HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite Review: Software Activation, Download

I purchase a NEXZDAS Lite off cardiagtool recently, here I’d like to share this new product.


What’s NEXZDAS Lite?

How to activate NexzDAS software?

Where to download NexzDAS software?

What’s NEXZDAS Lite?

NexzDAS Lite is a comprehensive full-system diagnostic tool, can diagnose on all the electronic systems of the car, read& clear codes, live data, freeze frame…


HUMZOR NexzDAS Lite has following highlights:

  1. High cost-effective configuration with VCI+ App.
  2. Bluetooth 4.2 connection, Android phone available.
  3. Multi-model coverage for free download, Asia, Europe, America, etc. included.
  4. Full-system diagnosis, quickly scan for all the electronic systems of the car.
  5. Professional diagnosis report offer you detailed inspection result for each DTC.
  6. Customized special function provided for extra demand, such as Oil reset, ABS, TPMS, EPB, etc.
  7. Powerful database supports online DTC inquiry.
  8. Intelligent operation, one key record/ feedback/ update within App.

NexzDAS Lite vehicle coverage


How to activate NexzDAS software?

At first, you need to keep network working on your phone.

Run NEXZDAS series APP

Click “Add a new product”

Input the serial number(S/N) and activation code

Enter the HOME page

Connect Bluetooth

Where to download NexzDAS software?

NexzDAS software is available for ND201,ND108,ND116,ND Lite,ND Car/Truck…

click “TOOL” module and enter APP store to download the function you need.

Choose the system you need to download here: