Launch X431 V+ PRO3: VCI Management Analysis & Activate Method

Launch X431 V+ Pro3 auto diagnosis tablet Wifi 10.1inch Tablet Plus X431 HD3 Heavy Duty Module Support Both Cars and Trucks has Functions as Identification of control units, Adaptation of control units, Reset service intervals, Reading vehicle data streams, Display of current system parameters, Check actuators, Reading and erasing vehicle fault codes.


Launch X431 V+ PRO3 auto programmer VCI option allows you to manage all your activated VCI devices.

If several VCI devices are activated on this tool, a list of VCIs will be displayed on the screen. Once you choose the VCI that belongs to other account, you have to log out, and then input the right account to continue.


There are twos kinds of VCI Management methods, check for details:

(1)VCI Management (Only for Passenger Vehicle Configuration)

This option is used for the tablet to deactivate pairing up with the VCI device via Bluetooth.


(2)VCI Management (Only for Commercial Vehicle/Gasoline & Diesel Configuration)

This option is used to set the communication method between the tablet and the VCI module.



To ensure the tablet can work with the VCI module via Wi-Fi communication, please follow the steps below to proceed:

  1. Check the box “Use Wi-Fi communication mode”, the system will search for VCI module automatically.

launch-x431-v+-pro3-vci-management-analysis-activate-method-3 launch-x431-v+-pro3-vci-management-analysis-activate-method-4


  1. Tap the desired VCI module and a pairing request similar to the following prompt window will appear:



  1. Tap “PAIR” to start pairing. Once the pairing is successfully done, the screen displays:



  1. There are two Wi-Fi communication modes available for the VCI module.
  • Work as Wi-Fi hotspot: Once enabled, the VCI module and the tablet automatically connect and form a LAN network to make communication. In this case, the tablet cannot surf the Internet.
  • Work as network adaptor: Once enabled, a Wi-Fi connection dialog box appears:



Input the Wi-Fi network name and access password (if the network is encrypted) until it is properly connected. In this case, the tablet can surf the Internet and communicate with the VCI module.

Important message: please be sure to keep the VCI powered on while performing the operation.


But here comes the question? How to activate VCI?

The VCI activation method is shown as below:

This item lets you to activate a new VCI device.



Input the Serial Number and Activation Code, and then tap “Activate” to activate the connector. For details on how to obtain Activation Code, tap the link below to get help.


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