M1 Clamp Manual: What Keys used for + How to cut with Condor Mini

Condor Mini Clamp M1 user manual:

The M1 Key Clamp is used for all “Outside Milled” keys.


The four-track Honda HO01 key would be an example.


Ford side-milled keys would be an example of a two-track “Outside-Milled” key.

The Hold Down Bridge is used to hold the key down on the Key Supports. A 2mm socket head Hold Down Screw in the Hold Down Bridge, applies pressure to hold the key blade. The Clamp Knob is rotated clockwise (right) to bring the Clamp Jaws together, further holding the key blade stationary. The Clamping Jaws also square the key blade in the fixture. Laser engraved Gauge Lines on the fixture will be called out in the programming, to indicate the position of the key tip.

The Calibration Post is used to allow the machine to locate the fixture (Key Clamp). The Condor will use the Probe to touch (Locate) the top (Z-Axis location), sides (X-Axis location) and front face (Y-Axis location) of the Calibration Post. The locating sequence is repeated to find the location (define) the key blade. This is repeated every time the Condor begins a cutting or decoding operation. You might think of this as the check sequence. It is absolutely necessary to insure accuracy of the cut or decoded keys. In machinist language, this is called “edge finding.” For an NC (Numerically Controlled) mill, it only takes a few seconds.


The pic details the M1 Key Clamp fixture. The Front View shows a clear view of the Dovetail Base, common to all of the Key Clamp fixtures used on the Condor XC-MINI. The Top View shows the locations of the Calibration Post, Gauge Lines and Key Support. The 2mm socket head Hold Down Screw is shown in the Hold Down Bridge. In the Side View we see the two Clamp Jaws. As the Locking Knob is rotated right, these jaws move together to clamp the key blade. Both jaws move to center the key blade in the fixture. The rear Key Support and locating Index are seen at the center of the fixture.

Good to know: clamp M1 vs M2 vs M3


M1 Jaw is used for FLAT keys cutting

Suitable for: Swift, i10, Innova, Discover, Activa, Splendor, Wego, Jupiter, Santro, Indica, Creta, etc.

M2 Jaw is used for LASER key cutting

Suitable for Skoda, Honda, Verna Fluidic, Xyio, Pulsar 220, XUV-500, VW, etc.

M3 Jaw is used for TIBBE key cutting

Suitable for Ford Figo & Fiesta, Jaguar