OBDSTAR ODO Master PSA Instrument & BSI Odometer Calibration Support List and Guide

In this article, we’ll show you the capacity of OBDSTAR ODO Master on odometer calibration of Peugeot Citroen Instrument and BSI.obdstar-psa-odometer-calibration-support-list-and-guide-1

ODO Master PSA Instrument & BSI Support List (2022-03-31):


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The procedures of PSA Instrument & BSI OBD calibration:

1. Backup the data of instrument and BSI (remember the file name), so as to recover in case of exception

2. Select and calibrate the instrument. After the adjustment, Do Not turn off the engine. Cut off the power of the instrument as soon as possible (remove the fuse/the instrument) to avoid data recovery

3. Select and calibrate the BSI (or reset BSI to “0”). After the adjustment, Do Not turn off the ignition switch, directly disconnect the negative pole of the battery as soon as possible, and wait for 5 minutes

4. Connect the negative pole of the battery, and then enter the EEPROM backup function of BSI to read the odometer to see if the adjustment is successful

5. Confirm the BSI calibration is successful, install the instrument/the fuse, turn off the ignition switch and lock the door, and wait for 5 minutes

6. Turn on the ignition switch and check if the instrument odometer is adjusted successfully




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