Opcom V1.7 single PCB Vaux-com 120309a free download & Setup

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Opcom firmware V1.7 on sale: €20 free shipping (www.cardiagtool.co.uk).

Here Opcom firmware V1.65 Dual layer PCB

opcom-firmware-v1.7 single pcb-01 opcom-firmware-v1.7 single pcb-02

Here Vaux-com 120309a, it works on Opcom V1.7 and Opcom V1.65:

Where to download Opcom Vaux-com 120309a V2012?


Works on XP WIN7

Two tips to install opcom Vaux-com 120309a setup on Win:

1) dotnetfx35_SP1 patch must be installed on Win 7, otherwise the software will not run properly

2) Open software as Administrator; check the installation video in CD first

How to install opcom Vaux-com 120309a?

Is it possible to update Opcom  V1.45 V1.59 to firmware V1.7?

No, it’s just like you have one iPhone 7, you can only update the IOS version but not able to directly update the firmware to iPhone8.

Opcom firmware V1.7 Vaux-com 120309a functionality:

  1. It covers almost all Opel cars, incl. new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B.
  2. The program allows users to read out and clear fault codes, shows you live data and perform output test.
  3. The program supports many control units, like Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Engine Cooling module, Instrument Cluster, Electronic Climate Control, Body Control Unit, etc.
  4. Since Opel cars adopt many PINs in the OBD connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer,and users need select the appropriate pin for communication. PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000)
  5. Fault codes will be shown with all information available.

Full fault code text description:

1) Full status information (Present, Not present, Intermittent)

2) Users can print out, save, or copy the fault codes to any other application.

From the fault codes window, users can go directly to the measuring blocks window.

3) The program shows measuring block information on many control module, users can choose anything from the list on your own.

4) The program is capable of showing 8 measuring block parameter simultaneously.

The sample rate is depends mostly on the communication protocol. For example, the older system like Omega-B X 25 DT Engine (ISO-9141-2) can be very slow during communication, while the newer Multec or Bosch units are faster (using KWP-2000), and the newest CAN based control units are very fast!

Users can also run output tests on many controllers.




HSCAN – Dual-wire, High Speed CAN-BUS, 500 kbps

MSCAN – Dual-wire, Medium Speed CAN-BUS, 95 kbps

SWCAN – Single-wire, Low Speed CAN-BUS, 33.3 kbps

Here Vaux-com 120309a working pictures:

vaux-com-120309a-software-display-b-1 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-b-2 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-b-3 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-b-4 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-b-5 vaux-com-120309a-software-display-b-6