How to use I-2016.1 033918 multi diag access J2534 (No need activation)?

I was asked by the team of to write an objective review of I-2016.1 033918 multi diag access J2534 on its using tips and performance after using for two weeks. And I was interested in any new features it supports that the old versions don’t have.

I-2016.1 multi diag access arrived me for 4 working days. It has the same hardware and adapters as the I-2015 Multi-Diag. I was told it have two points of update: software update and chip program update.

Next is to use the packed software to install I-2016.1 multi diag access (I was told if you log in to the server to download the newest software, it may damage my device, so I don’t want to take this risk)

I do a full test, made a video and upload at Youtube:

OS: win7 32bit

I-2016.1 multi diag access

I have 3 pieces of tips for sharing:

  • I-2016.1 033918 needs no activation, it is a great process, the former versions need some time to active)
  • Disable the network connection during operation
  • The “USB PassThru Driver (Multi-instance)” has to be read out, otherwise the actia access doesn’t establish communication with the computer.

 USB PassThru Driver

The I-2016.1 033918 multi diag access has wide and comprehensive system coverage, covers all of the prevailing makes and models (see below pic.). A detailed report of software coverage was beyond the scope of my brief. However, I did use the I-2016.1 multi diag access for a typical range of general workshop tasks:

Reset maintenance indicators……confirmed

Read/Erase fault codes……………….confirmed

Read parameters (graphical representation) ……confirmed

Test actuators……confirmed

Configure the calculator……confirmed

Coding (Injectors, electronic tire valves…) ……confirmed

Calibration and self-learning… Etc.) ……confirmed

And confirm it works on following ECU models:

injection, ABS, ESP, Airbag, automatic transmission, air conditioning, central computer, dashboard, comfort systems, tire valves, immobilizer, direction, steering, etc…

I used I-2016 033918 actia access to diagnose Passat VI 2005-2011, in the following first pic, you could see what it works, then I click “Engine”, then “diagnose”, it all works fine so far.

diagnose-04 activa coverage-01 Passat VI 2005-2011-02 Engine-03

I-2016 033918 multi-diag access is multilingual available, it is very exciting to those whose mother language is not English. I had a try and found the translation is ok, not 100% correct, but I can understand, when it comes to the diagnosing car menu, it may be English, aha, better prepare a dictionary.

I-2016.1 multi diag access language

In conclusion:

Actia I-2016.1 033918 multi diag access works for what I paid so far, I am happy with it.