Problem with CDP Diagnostic Tool Wow and Dephi V2014.3 (fixed)

This blog records the compatibility problem and its solution about Wow and Dephi V2014.3 software when I use the tcscdp diagnostic tool.

Problems description:

I have a CDP diagnostic tool. The software I installed was wow and dephi V2013.3 in the past. Both of them in one computer could be used without any errors, except I have to update the firmware when I used them each time. However, when I installed V2014.3, I came across the error in the following images:


cdp-diagnostic-tool-2 cdp-diagnostic-tool-3 cdp-diagnostic-tool-4

When I clicked firmware updating, the light turned to red. I could not do diagnosis and the

Communication with device had lost.


What I have tired:

1 My friend told me that wow and dephi V2014.3 should be used separately, or I had to find a laptop which can be compatible with these two softwares. Actually, I have used wow for more than one year. Then I changed my operation system to windows7, windows 10, windows XP and just installed one software among delphi and wow. It was still useless with the same error.

2 my self-testing firmware version is 1423



Solutions advised from engineer

You should adopt the corresponding procedure version of self-testing version. If you want to use V2014.3, what you have to do is replacing the firmware version in file 2014.3 with the relevant firmware of your available software.

Specifically, delete the firmware version in file V2014.3, and copy the firmware version in file V2014.2 to V2014.3.