Review on OEM Orange 5 V1.34 Programming Device

I will describe my experience with the programming device OEM Orange 5 in this blog. Sincerely hope to help people who have intention to purchase it.

I was trying to locate mcu or eeprom on VW transporter with siemens ecu unit. My friend recommended me his new device OEM Orange 5. Followed his advice, I bought the OEM Orange online with €235. With 3 days delivery, I received a carton package with an orange 5 programmer, a power adapter, a USB cable, an incircuit wire and a lot of adapters inside.

When I used the device, there was something wrong with my operation steps. When I opened the software in file “OEM Orange 5”, no matter what groups or chips I chose, the following images always appeared

OEM-orange5-2 OEM-orange5-1

I consulted the customer service about my issues. She told me that I should move the orange5 v1.34 software from orange5 (E :) to the computer first. Besides, she provided me with a video about how to install Orange 5 V1.34 software. With her advice, the wrong image had never appeared again. I

Though I came across some problems during my operation, I was still satisfied with OEM orange 5 V1.34 because of its full package hardware, enhanced version software and professional programming functions.