Read BMW EWS4 2L86D: Had a success with AK90+ and EWS4 IC Adaptor!

Purpose: Read data from BMW EWS4 2L86D

Programmer: AK90 Pro key programming tool

Adapter: BMW EWS 4.3 and 4.4 IC Adaptor



The test:

ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-8 ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-1 ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-2 ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-3 ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-4 ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-5 ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-6 ak90-read-ews4-2L86D-7

Result: Success!

On a side note, the EWS4 ic adapter also can work with Xprog box